Woodard Junior High School offers an MFLC program for active duty families. Military Family Life Counselors, funded by the Department of Defense, may serve schools with many active-duty dependent students. With parent permission, they provide free, confidential individual and group counseling to children and families to address the impacts of military life. They do not keep records of counseling. They also may provide education and coaching to teachers and staff. Please provide military orders upon registration. 

Youth Sponsorship

The MCCS Yuma School Liaison Program also has the priority of ensuring that youth in transition has a connection with support services on the installation and within the community to assist them during their transition from one installation to another. Youth in transition who are arriving or are inbound to MCAS Yuma have access to a variety of youth sponsorship resources to help them during their transition so that they can begin to adapt and thrive as quickly as possible in their new home. You can find some resources aboard the installation while others we offer in partnership with local education agencies. We encourage families inbound MCAS Yuma to reach out to their child’s school to find out how their child’s school will be able to support their schooling transition starting with their first day on campus.

Additionally, military-connected youth are eligible to participate in CYB-MFLC programs where offered. For students to participate, a parent or guardian must submit a signed permission slip to the school or youth center point of contact for the program. Parents who are unsure of whether their child’s school offers this program can contact the School Liaison to determine which schools have this program available. The School Liaison can also assist in collecting signed CYB-MFLC permission forms and turning them into the appropriate point of contact at the child’s school or youth center program.